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“The trend looks set to continue. In addition to Marturano’s institute, Tan from Google has founded the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, which is also looking to bring the training to other companies. Meanwhile, people such as Muthana from will continue taking on new clients, including the advertising group Omnicom and the electronics maker NEC.


“These contradictions – Buddhist teachers who aren’t Buddhists, corporations with spiritual communities, capitalism embracing traditions that shun materialism – are perhaps unsurprising in the modern age. Just as General Mills products are sold around the globe, feeding people from India to Indiana, so too the fundamental tenets of the world’s great religions are freely traded in every corner of the earth. The result is that the people who work hard to make high-margin, low-calorie breakfast cereals are at the same time striving to improve their spiritual equilibrium and even get a taste of enlightenment. “There is no work-life balance,” Marturano says. “We have one life. What’s most important is that you be awake for it.”


Science and Sanity comment: Hmmm. I wonder who’s next on the bandwagon–Monsanto? Beware of the invisible hand! I also encourage readers to look at secular  versions of mindfullness training and practice that I will try to highlight in this space. ~PR

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