Spiritual self-test

Try this interactive self-assessment quiz to place yourself on the spectrum of spiritual belief systems:

What is your true spiritual path? Take this quiz to find out.
How could a simple quiz that includes just over 2 dozen belief systems possibly work for everyone? Well, given that there are thousands of nuanced religions and faith groups and countless individual beliefs, you are right – it is impossible. That said, we took our research for this selector seriously and strived to be as accurate as possible. Most visitors have found it fun, informative and often surprisingly revealing. (http://www.selectsmart.com/RELIGION/)

Or try this interactive self-assessment quiz to see where you fall in the range of non-theistic belief systems:

Nontheistic philosophies/religions
By Lynne H. Schultz
This selector is for atheists/agnostics/secularists, etc. who want to find out what nontheistic philosophy or religion is their closest match. It assumes that you do not believe in what most people call “god”, although it does test for beliefs in naturalistic “gods”.

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