A Platform To Crowdfund The Truth

See on Scoop.itScience and Sanity

Sites like Kickstarter have helped fund everything from motorized footwear to “Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster.” But can the same model help illuminate the truth?


“The idea is simple. Say you hear someone make a bogus claim–for example, that Barack Obama was really born in Kazakhstan. You can go on the site and stake some money, challenging someone to prove the claim, asking others to join you. Once the amount raised reaches a pre-designated threshold, the challenge goes live. At which point, the person making the claim is asked to produce evidence in order to win the “bounty.” The truth is decided by a “jury of neutral, professional, scientifically trained adjudicators” who assess the evidence, which must be verifiable.”


S&S comment: we desperately need innovation in information quality control. IMO it should be 10% of our global R&D budget.

See on www.fastcoexist.com

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