Green revolution 2.0

“BP-Day: British Petroleum lands on the southern beaches of the US in massive amphibious assault”

The Oil Industry’s history since the end of World War II is enmeshed in the creation and triumph of the National Security State….

…BP is, at this very moment, calling all the shots in the Gulf, censoring reporters and photographers, restricting air space in the area of the devastating BP pollution, refusing OSHA and EPA air quality testing, and clarifying that no President  is powerful enough to hold an oil company accountable.

Now given that analysis, what can progressives do about the corporate planetary take-over? Can we beat the corporate state in a head-on political confrontation? Doubtful. Progressives are only about 15 – 20 per cent of the electorate.

The rational approach would be something like “economic guerrilla warfare”–picking off the invading army’s forces from behind cover and disappearing into the woods and bayous.

I’m not talking about rioting or terrorism but something much more constructive: a progressive insurgency using economic guerrilla tactics.

The corporate state maintains its power over the masses by intimidation and distraction. The ability of the corporate state to intimidate us comes largely from our economic dependence upon it. People are often willing to rock the boat only up to the point that they feel a threat to their paychecks or to some other economic benefit.

So, the critical path for a progressive economic revolution begins with ending our dependence on the corporate economy. We must become economically self-reliant.

For a group with our numbers that would be doable if we were adequately informed and organized. The corporate state depends on keeping us distracted from the critical path of establishing our economic independence from it.

We must begin to ignore many of the corporate diversions of our energy and attention. We need to stop defining our self-worth by our success at climbing the corporate ladder or by the number of overtime hours we put in. We need to yank out the intravenous 24-hr/day national news feed, and start educating ourselves and each other about green community organizing. We need to declare an economic independence day.

For some that might mean individual self-reliance in the form of a self-contained rural farmstead. But for more of us it means things like credit unions, cooperatives, co-housing developments and worker-owned businesses.

Why haven’t progressives invested more time and money in developing local, green free-enterprise? The corporate state keeps us pretty busy (not to mention dazed and confused), so we need to leverage our time and money as much as possible by effective organizing.

We need some existing progressive organizations to wake up to the need for alternative economic development and act as clearinghouses and incubators for green free-enterprise.

We need to overcome any obstacles that keep us from starting our own worker-owned and consumer-owned cooperatives, credit unions, organic farms, green grocery stores, solar panel factories, etc…everything we need to meet the economic needs of the progressive community (including dignified and satisfying employment) and end our dependence on the corporate economy.

Science, industry and corporate agribusiness gave us their version of “the green revolution”. Now it is time for progressives to show them our version of a humane, user-friendly Green Revolution 2.0

Obviously this is a long-term, grassroots strategy that will not sweep out the corporate invaders in our lifetimes. But what are the alternatives, really?

20 more years of weary wage slavery is not an option...

Poor Richard


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