New Word: euphemasia

The worlds of politics and economics have become so awash in euphemisms nowadays that George Orwell is spinning in his grave. I have decided to add another new word to all the languages of Earth (the New Word Order).

euphemasia (you-fem-ay-sia)


1. The act of putting a mind out of its misery by stripping language of all meaning through the excessive use of euphemisms. The death of the mind by this means is generally painless and many who practice euphemasia claim that it is a act of mercy. It was first applied only in the case of a feeble or chronically ailing mind, but now it is practiced on large segments of the world’s population.

2. In addition to committing euphemasia by using a very large number of euphemisms, euphemasia can sometimes be committed by the use of a single euphemism that is so egregious as to be lethal on its own. An example is the euphemism “austerity”, when used to refer to a  campaign by super-rich, authoritarian sociopaths to return the world to feudalism.

Verb: euphemize

Use liberally and enjoy!

Poor Richard

Euphemisms for the Intimate Enemy

Euphemisms for the Intimate Enemy (Photo credit: Sweet One)

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