Time and the Soul Interview

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Jacob Needleman – philosopher and author, talks about the poverty of time that we experience in our modern technological world. He explores the paradox of how this poverty is rooted in our attempts to satisfy our desires, and describes the experience of real meaning as being one of timelessness.

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COGNITIVE BIAS #122: Attentional Bias


Cognitive Bias of the Week

Above is a nice bit of blogging borrowed from CopyLogic: The Blog to help me populate my Cognitive Bias of The Week category.  I had neglected this category far too long and as a consequence had accumulated such a logjam of biases that it was simply too dangerous to delay any longer.

“While my Attention was taken up in guarding against one Fault, I was often surpris’d by another. Habit took the Advantage of Inattention.” –Benjamin Franklin

As we know, cognitive biases come and go with the changing configurations of the heavenly bodies. I leave it to my learned reader to select the appropriate astrological sign to indicate that corresponding part of the physiology in which  this week’s biased humor doth reside.


[The image above right is from “The Anatomy of Man’s Body as Govern’d by the Twelve Constellations”, Poor Richard Improved, Being an Almanack and Ephemeris for the Year of Our Lord 1758.”  Click on the image to enlarge]

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