Love Song Vernal


Spring has sprung
And springs eternal
Heart strings are strummed
Upon the harp supernal
Inviting out the sun to sing
The love song vernal

First Day of Spring in 2019 was on Wednesday, the 20th of March

The Waterproof Sea

Look out…
See out far…
A shiny, slick sea diver
Lost a flipper in the tar
Of the waterproof sea.

Minima, Maxima
Wagnalls and Funk
Packed up nicely in a trunk…
An elephant never forgets.

I wrote that as a youngster and recalled it recently during ketamine therapy.

I also managed to scrawl the following notes (slightly edited):

Lubricant, goobricant
Solvent and gunk,
See oursels as ithers see us
Rain is good
A ketamine poem
Use ’em or lose ’em
What’s that ringing off the hook
Had me phone on to use as a clock
“Time it was, oh, what a time it was
It was
A time of innocence,
A time of confidences…” *
Notes to self:
Give thanks
Get back to nature!

Poor Richard

* Paul Simon



Pax Capital

Cult of the god of war, Pax Capital

Trade war, hot war, cold war creep

War on terrorism, war on crime, a war in time will save you nine

War on taxes, war on clowns, war on drugs and other nouns…

Its good for growth, the margin’s deep

Sitting pretty on top of the heap

The last one alive then wins it all

Peace at last…Pax Capital,

Great god a’mighty, Pax Capital

Fire clings to breath

Fire clings to breath
A halo on the oxygen I share with you
A pulse beats across the lips
Making one of two

Poor Richard

Lost Lines

Baby Blues (undated)

Gettin’ pissed

You’re missed, pretty mamma

Gimme a kiss

But you done gone

And left me alone

Suckin’ the Blues

And rattlin’a bone.


Appro-Poe (1968)

I hate the day

Love the dark

Admire the Falcon

Loathe the Lark

I like the morbid

Scorn the norm

Caress the horrid

Kiss the storm


How Sililoquy of Me (1980)

To be

And not to be

That is the person


Knights of the Lounge Table (1993)

Knights of the Lounge Table

Sir Richard and Sir George

Skipped the light fantastic

Plunging straight into the Forge

Red-hot pokers forward, unsheathed swords

Lances thrusting, poles engorged

Lusty, thirsting to be quenched

Quickly, deeply in the wench


All’s Well That Ends (1970)

Better is the end of a thing than the beginning therof... Eccl 7:8


Silence rends the deaf’ning din

And Mercy bends the strongest stuff

What impends? Pay thee no mind

All’s well that ends

And that’s enough.


Sillygism (1966)

If this is that and that is such

(for these two things we know)

We may conclude with little fuss

That this is such, just so.


Poor Richard

Me And You

timeline of ancient history 2The lamps of sages pierce dark ages,
guiding us through history
but Time has swept us out the door
and swallowed up the key.

Somehow, Love, as of now
Its just you and me.

Paradise was promised us,
but this is what nobody knew:
war and rumors of war in Heaven
kept help from getting through

Somehow, Love, here and now
its just me and you.




A trickle of tears is hard nursing

a can of recriminations, poor rations

and this spaghetti of conversation

slips through the fork of our best wishes

well, now that we’ve eaten our hearts out…

shall we leave the dirty dishes?

War on Poverty

We race to hell in shopping carts

down isles of strange inventions

voting with our Visa cards

and paying no attention

to the rising price of liberty–

safe and sound, we  hunker down

while the helicopter gunships fight our war on poverty.


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