Evolution Incorporated

This part of Evolution Incorporated will not be written down or discussed with anyone. These are the private, italicised thoughts of the Narrator. The DNA of the metanarrative of intentional, guided cultural evolution. The nucleus of the first embryonic cell of a whole new world.The first cell will take the outward form of the dominant species of the current culture, a Limited Liability Corporation. It will have an outward (exoteric) structure and agenda, and and a hidden, inner (esoteric) structure and agenda. The latter will only be known in compartmentalized segments to those who need to know. The gist of that inner agenda is to produce a sustainable, harmonious interplanetary culture.

The idea, put a bit tongue-in-cheekily, is hiding in plain sight…The problem is enlisting the sleeping majority. Different memetic narratives have to be designed to capture each type of personality and mentality extant in the general population. The trick is to have each narrative serve the same ultimate agenda on the back end.

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