Our Bloodless, Progressive, Political Revolution

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Most of the new viability on the Left in the US is inside the Democratic party. Its not about Bernie, but its following his political revolution plan* to occupy the Democratic Party.

I don’t mean Bernie invented the political revolution by himself, he had some great staffers in 2015-16, and they drew from Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party movement, among other things. Now besides Our Revolution there’s also Justice Democrats, Indivisible, Brand New Congress, and others creating pipelines for progressive Democratic candidates. In a two party system that’s the only thing that makes sense as a main uniting strategy for progressives.

If you have more than two electable parties in a country, you have to decide whether to feed the most progressive party or try for a coup of a less progressive but more powerful party. It seems to me that history has favored the latter. The Tea Party is an example of how that strategy worked for the Right.

It can be easier to hijack a successful party than to build one from scratch. Its often easier to steal a ship than to build one. Ask the US Libertarian Party, whose only power comes from its GOP members, or the The Socialist Party of America, whose only power is coming from its Democratic Party members. The US Green party, in comparison, is crippled by its bone-headed independence.

Some felt betrayed when after being cheated out of the Democratic nomination Bernie endorsed Clinton and campaigned for her. But such disgruntled Bernie Bros (many who turned and voted for *rump) never understood Bernie or Our Revolution. Bernie and Our Revolution were not in it for one election, we were in it to take over the Democratic Party and thereby liberate the country, no matter how many elections that might take. We weren’t about to throw away the gains we made in 2015-16 by taking our ball and going home. We built a pipeline to bring more bold progressive candidates into the Democratic party and in 2018 that resulted in taking back the House. In 2020 we have a shot at the Senate and the Oval Office, not to mention state and local offices all over the country. We may not get complete progressive control in 2020 but we’ll continue building the pipelines, the apparatus, and the infrastructure between elections. Because we have no choice. Voting third party, not voting, or *only* voting without working in between the elections are not options for pragmatic, intelligent 21C Citizen [R]evolutionaries.

Poor Richard
* Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In is a book by U.S. Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders, published by Thomas Dunne Books in November 2016…

Sanders discusses how his presidential campaign was considered by the political establishment and the media to be a “fringe” campaign and something not to be taken seriously.[2] He discusses his initial struggle as being an “Independent senator from a small state with little name recognition”. The memoir also covers how his campaign had no money, no political organization, and it was taking on the entire Democratic Party establishment.[2]

In Our Revolution, Sanders shares his personal experiences from the campaign trail, recounting the details of his primary fight and the people who made it possible. He outlines a progressive economic, environmental, racial, and social justice agenda that will create jobs, raise wages, protect the environment, and provide health care for all—and ultimately transform our country and our world for the better.[2]


Our Revolution (Amazon, Look Inside and audio book clip read by Bernie): https://www.amazon.com/Our-Revolution-Believe-Bernie-Sanders/dp/1250132924

Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution [for teens] – August 29, 2017 — https://www.amazon.com/Bernie-Sanders-Guide-Political-Revolution/dp/1250138906

Where We Go from Here: Two Years in the Resistance – November 27, 2018 — https://www.amazon.com/Where-We-Go-Here-Resistance/dp/1250163269


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