Silk Road: How FBI closed in

Mr Ulbricht said to have been running Silk Road from Hickory Street in San Francisco

Mr Ulbricht said to have been running Silk Road from Hickory Street in San Francisco

BBC News – Silk Road: How FBI closed in on suspect Ross Ulbricht

“US authorities believe that 29-year-old Ross William Ulbricht, arrested on Wednesday, is Dread Pirate Roberts DPR – the administrator of the notorious Silk Road online marketplace. It was an underground website where people from all over the world were able to buy drugs.

In the months leading up to Mr Ulbricht’s arrest, investigators undertook a painstaking process of piecing together the suspect’s digital footprint, going back years into his history of communicating with others online.

The detail of how the FBI has built its case was outlined in a court complaint document published on Wednesday.

As would be expected, Dread Pirate Roberts was using a VPN – virtual private network – to generate a “false” IP address, designed to cover his tracks.

However, the provider of the VPN was subpoenaed by the FBI.

While efforts had been made by DPR to delete data, the VPN server’s records showed a user logged in from an internet cafe just 500 yards from an address on Hickory Street, known to be the home of a close friend of Mr Ulbricht’s, and a location that had also been used to log in to the Gmail account.”

more… via BBC News – Silk Road: How FBI closed in on suspect Ross Ulbricht.

One Response to “Silk Road: How FBI closed in”

  1. Wilburn Slankard Says:

    We fund the dumbest shit. Why not fund to helping the poor, the old, the sick? Why not focus on the people and giving them what they need rather than taking away what they don’t? The DEA is a waste of money that has provided us with very little security. If someone wants to make a living selling drugs, let them. If someone wants to partake in the usage of drugs, let them. People know what can happen, let them make that decision. I’d rather see a meth addict shooting up and wasting his life away than having him go to prison so I can pay for him to live “properly”. We don’t need to be throwing away all this money to the DEA when they can’t even come close to grasping the war on drugs. We will never live in a drug free world. This facade that the government puts up about the DEA being worthwhile is the biggest joke. Our government is scratching the surface of the drug world and that’s as far as they’ll get. This small victory is an illusion for a greater loss.

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