Evolution, Neuropsychology & HOAs

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Discussions on Creating Community (“Can we blame an inability to create community unity on limbic brain dominance that encourages selfishness?”)

“Humans have only started to learn how to get along in community relatively recently in the history of our species. Only a few thousand years have passed (compared to our Homo sapien 200,000 year existence) since we first started moving in together, so to speak. We are still trying to figure it all out. We certainly don’t do a very good job of creating community unity on a global scale…yet. So, learning how to create community unity in a more tightly controlled environment with much more narrow personal boundaries (as in a community association) is going to take much more time…and more influence by those skilled in the social sciences. In the scope of history, we are still at the stage of the infant, struggling just to figure out ourselves, how to best use our thinking brain for our own benefit. Figuring out how to use it for the benefit of all, not so much.”

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