Disconcerting Robot Detects Depression

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Augmenting psychiatric diagnosis with data–The latest “virtual therapist” — charged with helping diagnose depression — comes from psychologist Albert Rizzo and computer scientist Louis-Philippe Morency at the University of Southern California. Their system of cameras and microphones analyzes a person’s gestures, facial expressions, body habitus, and vocalization — taking in 30 data points per second — then compares them to those of typical depressed and non-depressed people.

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4 Responses to “Disconcerting Robot Detects Depression”

  1. tonijoyce Says:

    FB has now blocked me out. Just thought I’d let you know. Guess big brother is really watching and not liking. Toni

  2. n8chz Says:

    First they went after the depressives, but I wasn’t a depressive, then they went after the creatives…

    • Poor Richard Says:

      Funny thing, I was just talking to a shrink about this kind of tech–imagining he and I both wearing google glasses with this kind of app. But then he hypnotized me and erased the thought from my head…

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