BRAIN Intitiative

Let’s hope this will be Open Science!

This initiative may represent the smartest thing the human race has done so far, of far greater importance than the Human Genome Project. I hope enough of us recognize it, because broad public participation will be crucial to guide this project in the public interest. There is no way to keep the ruling class from using science for evil, but we need to make the BRAIN Initiative and its publicly funded products a fully open, free, transparent and public domain body of work.

 “As part of this planning process, input will be sought broadly from the scientific community, patient advocates, and the general public. The working group will be asked to produce an interim report by fall 2013 that will contain specific recommendations on high priorityinvestments for Fiscal Year (FY) 2014. The final report will be delivered to the NIH Director in June 2014. ”

Please join me in taking every opportunity that arises to lobby for keeping the BRAIN Initiative and all other publicly funded research in the public domain of Open Science.

Follow new developments relating to the BRAIN Initiative and other advances in science and technology at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Blog and @whitehouseostp on Twitter.

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