Bad Humor

comedy tragedy masksI have been in a pretty bad humor lately, and much of what passes in pop culture as comedy and humor just makes things worse.

The problem is this:

Hear me:

Stupid is not funny.


4 Responses to “Bad Humor”

  1. Jon Awbrey Says:

    You can’t fix stupid …

    • marclevesque Says:

      It depends on what you mean by stupid

    • Poor Richard Says:

      You can mitigate some cases of stupidity in theory but rarely in practice. Most forms of stupidity are endemic in humans, arising naturally as a consequence of inbred or acquired (organic or learned) cognitive biases. The specific types and severity of biases vary widely, but we all have them. Many are “hard-wired” and nearly universal (i.e. “normal”). Regardless of origin, biases produce various learning and reasoning disabilities, to some degree, in each of us. If such disabilities rise above certain common (“normal”) thresholds in a given person then others begin to notice them and to recognize that person as biased, stupid, backward, prejudiced, reactionary, brainwashed, etc. However, most of our cognitive biases go unrecognized both by ourselves and others.

  2. marclevesque Says:


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