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Excommunicado (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pursuant to the First Encyclical of the Occupy Working Group for Defending Our Faith in the Utility of Speech , the following Foul and Malignant Words have been banished from the New Word Order, to be cast into Verbal Purgatory, purged from the Rectified History of Civilization, and declared unfit for human utterance. The following linguistic turds are henceforth and forever declared Excommunicado:

Category I. P.U.phemisms

(Note: P.U.phemisms (or “pee-you-phemisms”) are exceptionally putrid, fetid, malodorous euphemisms that insult the nostrils of the soul by trying to camouflage or minimize extreme antisocial or criminal behavior as something relatively innocuous or even noble.)

1. kerfuffle: a P.U.phemism for a conflict or scandal; the nasty, egregious, outrageous, shameless, or blatant nature of which has been

Arab slave traders and their captives along th...

Job Creator Shenanigans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

publicly exposed by some massive, bloated, stinking carcass of evidence.

2. shenanigans: P.U.phemism for organized murder, mass depravity, or unmitigated and unpardonable villainy.

3. job creators: P.U.phemism for Monopolists, Robber Barons, Slave Traders, War Profiteers, etc.

Category II. Dud Words

(Note: Duds are failed attempts at dramatic impact.)

1. horrific: better, more descriptive, or more emphatic words include horrifying, terrifying, ghastly, nightmarish, gruesome, disgusting, repulsive, etc.

2. demeanor: this word is a lame attempt to make descriptions of affect or behavior sound more classy. Linguistic lipstick for two-legged pigs, often applied to the phoney public bearing of persons accused of misconduct.

Category III. Semantic Bullcrap

(Note: Semantic Bullcrap is language that is corrupted, mutilated, or mutated beyond all legitimate utility, often to obfuscate and mischaracterize information or to fabricate disinformation. Political, economic, and religious ideologies and “brands” are concocted mainly out of bullcrap.)

1. Capitalism, socialism, anarchism, etc: These and many similar words are so ambiguous as to be meaningless without extensive technical specifications (which are rarely provided in any form that stands up to serious scrutiny). What  ideologies have in common is that they imply various patterns of relations between individual persons, groups (or institutions) and resources while failing to actually specify any definite relations or patterns at all. As with the “Emperor’s New Clothes” each person “sees” a subjective set of meanings and assumptions in such terms as “private”, “public”, “property”, and “market” according to the social, cultural, and cognitive biases and the set of implicit associations peculiar to each individual or group.

Poor Richard

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