I’d like to see “STING” operations (like those run against liberals by the late, unscrupulous, and McCarthy-esque character assassin Andrew Breitbart) on GOP figures like Boehner and Santorum and on media clowns like Rush Limbo. An actor would confront the target with paraphrased quotations from Thomas Jefferson or the US Constitution and record their naive, hostile, and derogatory reactions.

Jefferson vs Santorum on public education:

Speaking of that late-but-unlamented reputation bushwhacker, back-stabber, and information terrorist, Andrew Breitbart, I propose a new verb for the English language:

breit-sided: verb. A play on the word “blind-sided”: to be caught off-guard by cleverly manufactured but unfounded accusations, lies, defamations, and other kinds of sleazy, cut-throat “yellow journalism”. The practice evolved in “tabloid” media outlets like those controlled by the notorious robber-baron of crap-based media, Rupert Murdoch, to the point it is rapidly becoming a “new normal” in the mass-media ecosystem.


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  1. Lori Says:

    You definitely gotta read this.

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