Poor Richard Illustrated

I could not resist posting this graphic.

Lithograph of “Poor Richard illustrated, lessons for the young and old on industry, temperance, frugality &c. by Benjamin Franklin” (Print showing a small portrait of Benjamin Franklin, surrounded by 24 vignettes illustrating maxims taken from his writings.) Date: 1887

You can click on the image to go to the Wikimedia Commons page for this file.

If at all possible, click the link below and view the image at full resolution. But first, you may want to prepare for the possibility that this 28MB image could hang up your browser (don’t have some unsaved dissertation or blog post in another window). But it loads fine in about 10 seconds on my little Win7 notebook with Firefox 4 and a DSL connection.

If you load the full-size image you can zoom in and out and pan around for days. Its the 1880’s version of virtual reality.

Full resolution‎ (8,394 × 6,798 pixels, file size: 27.5 MB, MIME type: image/jpeg)

Warning Some browsers may have trouble displaying this image at full resolution: This image has a large number of pixels and may either not load properly or cause your browser to freeze.

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