A 2012 Election Theory

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I don’t think republikind election fraud will swing 2012 but they will be testing it heavily in preparation for 2014-16.

I look for electronic and clerical vote rigging in hundreds of counties to test and evaluate many methodologies. They are also mounting multi-state registration and voting barrier schemes. Many states are now considering “birth certificate” bills that will form the basis for Obama ballot qualification challenges and general electoral mayhem. I’m looking for some serious efforts to rig the exit polling, too.

In short, the 2012 election will be a test bed for every conceivable kind of election rigging and fraud.

At the same time, the republikind are not running a presidential candidate who can win. Their strategy seems to include making sure that Obama is re-elected.

So what gives?

Simple. Obama is not so bad for the republikind agenda. He plays ball with them. Softball. And as long as he wins, who is going to investigate all the election fraud experiments?

Poor Richard

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