What’s the word?

I’ve been looking for a word…What is it?

Homicide is to genocide as suicide is to _________.

The word I’m searching for would be a one-word synonym for mass suicide, cultural suicide, or species suicide. Of course these are not synonymous with each other, and there might be several different words that would fit the blank.

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The word I am most interested in finding is a word for species suicide. There probably hasn’t been a compelling need for such a word in the past, but the times they are a-changing.

Can anybody help me out?

Poor Richard

FLASH…JUST IN… suggested by “Natural Lefty”:



  • World Suicide Prevention Day (somebodyhealme.dianalee.net)  But unfortunately this article is NOT about preventing the whole WORLD from committing suicide.

7 Responses to “What’s the word?”

    • Poor Richard Says:

      Thanks for the suggestion, but culticide might be either the murder or the mass suicide of a cult, wouldn’t it? I’m looking for suicide of a whole species. The trouble is that a bunch of words like speciecide, linguicide, culturcide have already been defined like homicide, i.e., as the murder of a species, language, culture, etc. rather than their self-destruction. For now I may have to settle for species-suicide.

  1. "Natural Lefty" Says:

    I know culticide could also be interpreted as a mass suicide by a cult, or the murder of a cult.

    How about self-extinction then?

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