The Cognitive HP

Alumna of any Twelve-Step program are familiar with something called their “Higher Power. (HP)” It is a powerful agency within us that has helped many people successfully deal with the addictions or compulsions that enslaved their brains and lives. Rescuing us from addictions is not all the HP is good for, however.

The Cognitive HP hypothesis

The HP is not a supernatural or even a so-called “spiritual” entity or power. It is a cognitive function.

The Cognitive HP (CHP) is a higher-order self than any of the usual kinds of selves that may be “on-duty” during most of our ordinary, daily activities. Those ordinary selves can be thought of as relatively unskilled workers in an industrial control room monitoring dials and gauges and occasionally pushing a button or two. The control room is part of a factory that is so highly-automated that the control room workers can and do frequently dose off.

That automated factory is a human being. That control room is located in the brain.

The Cognitive HP has a special role in the factory. It doesn’t hang out in the control room much, but when something goes terribly wrong and all the ordinary worker-selves are running in circles or hiding under desks, the CHP is the one with special abilities who can be called in to save the day.

The special abilities of the Cognitive HP

The CHP is a real polymath, a genuine Renaissance type. The CHP knows the factory top to bottom, inside and out. The CHP not only knows what all the dials and buttons in the control room are for, it knows what they mean and what they connect to way down in the bowels of the factory. The CHP can operate the control panels in special or novel ways to deal with emergencies, or with any abnormal change in the functioning of the factory, whatever the cause may be.

The CHP is knowledgeable, wise, and is always cool-headed under fire.

The CHP has a special set of higher senses that the other factory workers (selves) don’t have:

  • A Third Eye: This can see into the very wiring behind the control panel or anything else in the factory. The ordinary selves only have “eyes to see” the outsides of things and the things they are already familiar with and trained to see.
  • A Third Ear: All the parts of the factory make sounds and even speak or sing in special languages. The CHP’s third ear can hear all this and the CHP knows what it all means. The ordinary selves only have “ears to hear” the things they are familiar with and are trained to hear.
  • A Third Nostril: This has the powerful “smell test” ability. This is the heart of the CHP’s important “Bullshit Detector”.
  • Higher Taste: The “higher taste test” is also part of the Bullshit Detector
  • Higher Touch: This allows the CHP to feel any part or place in the factory without needing to take things apart to get at the insides.

In addition to the higher senses, the CHP also has a set of super powers known only to itself. All I know is that once the higher senses detect problems, they are fixed as if by magic.

Poor Richard

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