Animal Farm 2.0

An imaginary book premise:

Animal Farm 2.0, A Nail-biting Sequel

Over a course of many years, an Americana family farm is gradually transformed into a corporate factory farm death camp, complete with an ersatz animistfundamentalist theocracy that secretly serves the fascist corporate-person overlords. There will also be sinister, mad scientists doing recombinant genetic engineering on plants, animals and humans alike….

Too scary for young readers, you think? Don’t worry–it all comes right in the end!

Various animal and human characters will represent contemporary figures such as Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, Rush Limbo (seen on cover, left), Glen Beck, Bill Gates, Jr., Ralph Nader, Al Gore, Barack Obama, Alan Grayson, , etc., either as themselves or in animal or human character.

The story will be highly adaptable to “claymation” or Avatar-style 3-D animation.

Several of Orwell’s original Animal Farm characters (or their descendants or relatives), may show up in the tale.

One of the plot arcs will be the reverse of Nader’s “Only The Super-rich Can Save Us“.

Cover of ""Only the Super-Rich Can S...

Cover of "Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!"

The human and animal heroes and their followers will eventually save the day by starting their own joint human/animal worker-owned co-operative farms on sustainable, eco-friendly principles including permaculture, eco-culture, and green energy.

The humans and animals will begin to practice and teach mindfulness, worker-ownership, non-violence to sentient life, egalitarian biodiversity, and the Theory of General Utility to the world around them.

Ultimately, global warming will be averted and the greatest good will be shared by all.

Happiness will abound, and every living thing will flourish, (except for incorrigible haters, who will be exiled to areas where the radiation level prevents fertility).

Poor Richard

4 Responses to “Animal Farm 2.0”

  1. "Natural Lefty" Says:

    I think this is your best post among the ones that I have read so far. I hope you or someone expands upon this idea. I definitely love the idea, and I did read Animal Farm when I was younger, so I remember it somewhat vaguely. By the way, you mentioned your vague memory processes somewhere else recently. (I don’t remember where, ironically.) This is normal and there is a name for it — Fuzzy Trace Theory. It explains a lot about how we remember, partially remember, misremember, and reconstruct information in memory. I have Fuzzy Traces of memory too.

  2. Poor Richard Says:

    Natural Lefty,

    Thanks! I’ve read Animal Farm several times and I really think it my #1 favorite book of all time, not so much for the political content but for the incredibly cogent portraits of human nature.

    If I were to actually write an Animal Farm 2.0 or collaborate with someone, it would be hard to match Orwell’s perfect archetypes of human reasoning and behavior, but I would want that to be the foremost goal. I think we desperately need some literature for all ages that helps reveal, through clear, simple archetypes, the kinds of cognitive biases, logical fallacies, implicit associations, and evolutionary cognitive legacies that can be seen in our predictably irrational and self-defeating behavior.

    Fuzzy traces– I was trying to remember the source for a study that found that many blue- and white-collar people vote conservative against their own economic self-interest because they believe they will someday be wealthy. I still haven’t found it, so try to help me remember to remind you to remind me to remember to keep looking.

    Fuzzy Trails,


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