The end is nigh

I have five acres of clover and wildflowers and I’ve seen about two honeybees so far this year.

According to the Science News article Honeybee death mystery deepens:

The latest nationwide survey, of 2009-2010 winter losses, revealed more than 30 percent of hives were lost for a variety of reasons.”

One third of all hives lost in a single year!

The wild bees are affected, too. I haven’t seen any press about it, but my clover used to be swarming with wild bees.

That means the end of human civilization is about three years away.

BTW there are two ponds adjoining my property and I’ve only seen two frogs and three salamanders this year. The birds, squirrels, and rabbits seem to be doing fine so far, though.

Furthermore, a thriving 15 year old hemlock died this spring for no apparent reason.

Poor Richard

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