Money = speech?

Logical Fallacy of the day:

False analogy or false equivalence: False analogy is an informal fallacy applying to inductive arguments. It is often mistakenly considered to be a formal fallacy, but it is not, because a false analogy consists of an error in the substance of an argument (the content of the analogy itself), not an error in the logical structure of the argument.

False Analogy Examples: money = speech, or corporation = person

How about this logic: Money is speech + Speech is free = Money is free

The US Supreme Court seems to have based their Citizens United decision on that venerated principle of jurisprudence, “money talks”.

But if “money talks”, why is money = speech a false equivalence or false analogy? Because money is to speech as gasoline is to fire–

two completely different things!

In the real world money is not speech. Money is property!



Re Citizens United v. FEC

Dear US Supreme Court  Justices,

They say “talk is cheap.”  I guess its time for each citizen to “put his money where his mouth is”. So just how much does a Supreme Court opinion cost now?

Poor Richard



Debate: Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (


2 Responses to “Money = speech?”

  1. Chief Justice John Roberts Says:

    Dear Poor Richard,

    US Supreme Court opinions are priced to sell!

    I will be happy to provide a full price list on request!


    Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr.

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